School Membership

“Early childhood education is one of the best investments our country can make, it improves education and general life experiences of young children.”

- The National Education Association



Early childhood learning should be FUN and active! With an annual MAP School Membership our Education Team introduces children to diverse STEAM topics through our Little Explorers Club, which is hands-on, play-based discovery of the natural world - at your school. Children lead their inquiry, facilitated by trained scientists and early childhood educators.

Each session is Little Explorers Session explores a specific STEAM topic through purposeful activities that allow children to experience the scientific method through observation of artifacts, experiments, animal encounters, and get-up-and-move activities.

Plus, with your MAP School Membership you’ll receive all of this and much more… Each employee will receive a 2 person MAP Membership that comes with all of regular MAP Membership perks!


Traveling Little Explorers is a 60-minute session presented to 3-5 year old students by Museum at Prairiefire Educators at your facility. Children will be guided through a STEAM lesson to spark their developing minds. Our Education Team, led by Dr. Kathryn McKinney, brings the joy for hands-on learning about natural history to you.

Each STEAM-based session includes:

Object and Artifact Encounters




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We’ve got a Plan

One session of Traveling Little Explorers Club allows students to discover a specific topic.  Recurring sessions provide exposure to diverse topics but, more importantly, teach children how to learn independently by demonstrating and practicing how to ask questions and seek answers on their own.

Each session is planned and facilitated by the MAP Education Team. You may select from a variety of STEAM lessons, including but not limited to: Life Science, Earth Science, Social Science and Physical Science Programs.

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