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A towering Tyrannosaurus rex. Colossal sea creatures and soaring reptiles from Kansas’ ancient past. Live animal encounters, dinosaur digs, and missions to Space in a Virtual Reality experience. Shop, dine and play before or after your visit in the Prairiefire Entertainment District.

Follow the MAP and Discover Natural History and Beyond.

General Admission Tickets grant access to all Halls, Exhibitions, the Discovery Room, and Virtual Reality Experiences. Entry to the MAP is free.


Adult + Senior Tickets are 1/2 Price ($5 and $4) through Friday, September 27, 2019. 1/2 Price tickets must be purchased at MAP Welcome Desk.

Adults (13+) $10
Children (3-12) $5
Seniors (65+) $8

Veterans, Active Military and First Responders – FREE

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Join our prehistoric family to receive Unlimited Visits, Free Programs, Prairiefire Discounts, and Exclusive Access to events and experiences.

Friends and Family Membership Pricing 2019:

2 Person = $70
3 Person = $85
4 Person = $95
5 Person = $105
6 Person = $115
7 Person = $125
8 Person = $135
Student (2) = $40
Educator (2) = $60


On Exhibit

LIBERTY BELL 7 + APOLLO REDUX - Using the actual Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft as its foundation, this exhibit sheds light on how America’s first astronauts were selected and how they prepared for the unknowns of travel to space.

PERMIAN MONSTERS - Step back in time 290 million years when bizarre-looking animals dominated life on land and sea, and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen.

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Discovery Room


Children enter a world of authentic hands-on science and interactive discovery. Explore major fields of scientific research, from anthropology to zoology. Excited, engaged children will find an array of artifacts and specimens, live animals*, puzzles, and scientific challenges.

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Virtual Reality


The possibilities are limitless when it comes to virtual reality! Experience Stonehenge as if you are THERE. Go spacewalking as an astronaut... or watch a volcano erupt right before your eyes! Reservations required for the Stonehenge experience. Please call (913) 333-3500.



Great Hall


Step into the ancient world and create a creature from the past! Discover the REAL story of Tyrannosaurus rex… and see 85 million year-old Mosasaur fossils up close. There are many exhibits to experience in the Great Hall and 2nd Level. And did you know? Entry to the MAP and Great Hall is free.



The MAP features a dynamic slate of programs and events for ALL ages! Join us for Science Happy Hour, Little Explorers Club, JAM Sessions, Cinema & Science, Paleo Rocks Camp and much more.

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Shop, Dine & Play!

When you visit the MAP you can spend an hour or the day! The MAP is located in the Prairefire Entertainment District where you can dine, shop, bowl or go to the movies before or after your visit. The perfect destination for ALL ages.