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Field Trips

MAP Field trips are great for schools, recreational organizations, scouts, or summer camps. We also book adult groups for a facilitated tours of the museum, wetlands and featured exhibitions.


Standard All-Access Field Trip (2 Hours):

- Discovery Room: 45-minute hands-on, interactive, authentic science exploration

- Exhibition Hall: 45-minute guided tour of current exhibition with a science educator

Feature Exhibitions:

- Modern Dinosaurs? (Closes September 9, 2019)

- Liberty Bell 7: The Peril & Promise of Space Exploration (Sept 2019-Jan 2020)

- Apollo Redux (Sept 2019-Jan 2020)

- Permian Monsters (Sept 28, 2019-May 31 2019)

Educator’s Guides:

MAP Educator Guides contain relevant and helpful content for teaching in the classroom before, during, and after field trip activities. All guides contain connections to State Standards.

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Optional Add-Ons – No Extra Cost:

In addition to the MAP’s Featured Exhibitions, we have many experiences that may be included with Field Trips:

- Great Hall Scavenger Hunt (20 minutes) 

- Wetlands Trail (20 minutes)

- In Search of the Higgs boson (20 minutes)

- Paleo Kansas City (20 minutes)

Optional Add-Ons – Additional Cost:

Extend your visit by adding on one of our special Day of Fun packages at Pinstripes! Bowling at Pinstripes makes for a great team-building activity. All-inclusive packages available. 

- Bowling or Bocce at Pinstripes


$5.00 per student plus sales tax

1 complimentary chaperone for every 10 students

Additional chaperones $5.00 plus sales tax

Inquire about additional prices or all-inclusive packages for Movies and Bowling


School Group Criteria

• Part of an educational group (schools, scouts, 4-H, summer camp)

• Minimum of 20 students with a 1:10 chaperone: student ratio  

• Field trips must be arranged in advance

• Down payment for half the anticipated tickets to place reservation

• Friends + Family Membership privileges do not extend to the field trip program

• Field trips are offered Monday – Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Full refunds will be issued when notice is provided 30 days in advance.  Cancellations less than 30 days before the field trip will be given a full credit in the name of the reservation holder for a field trip within six months of original field trip date. No partial refunds.

Contact Tim Shaban for more information at education@visitthemap.org or call (913) 333-3551

At School

Have us come to you with one of our traveling programs.

Price is $5.00/student + tax

Programs are designed for no more than 15 students to support a hands-on learning environment, though back-to-back sessions can be scheduled for larger groups

To book your Little Explorers Club or JAM Session or learn about other MAP programs please contact: education@visitthemap.org or 913-333-3551

Little Explorers Club

Intended for learners aged 3 - 5, taking place in 45-minute sessions that guide children through a science topic led by Museum at Prairiefire experts. Each session includes a short and exciting lesson, story time, an activity or experiment, artifact or animal encounters, and a craft.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Life Science Programs:                                       Physical Science Programs:

Arachnids: Spiders and Their Webs                   Oobleck Observations

Arboriculture: Trees & Leaves                            Science of Color

Autotrophs: I Eat the Sun                                     Your Five Sense

Bees and Pollination

Beyond Insects                                                       Earth Science Programs:

Flight: Wings of Many Types                                Clouds and Weather

Food Chain: Who’s Eating Who?                       Decomposers: Deep in the Dirt

Germs: The Science of Soap                                 Dinosaurs Big and Small

Human Body                                                            Solar System

Insect Jobs

Social Science Programs:

Ancient Architects: Buildings Before Bob

Masks Around the World

JAM Sessions

Designed for elementary learners (1st-5th graders), JAM Sessions are unique and entertaining programs designed to engage students in inquiry-based, fully interactive learning activities. Merging curiosity, education, and interactive experiences, JAM Sessions will research natural history and STEM subjects to encourage a well-rounded education.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Catapults Elephant’s Toothpaste

Film Cannister Rockets Flubber

Fruit and Vegetable Batteries Kites

Bottle Racers Power of the Wind

Marble Roller Coasters Loop & Jump Rotocoptors

Soap Boats Stomp Rockets

Membranophones Tabletop Hovercraft

The Power of Electromagnets Invisible Ink